Grotte de Baume Obscure Visit and Nighttime Walk - 1 hr. 10 mins from Cannes

Grotte de Baume Obscure Visit and Nighttime Walk - 1 hr. 10 mins from Cannes

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Evening visit to the cave and nearby forest
Clear, safe, and lit pathway
Nighttime forest walk to learn about animals
The Escape Game on Wednesday

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Discover the riches of the Grotte de Baume Obscure and then head out into the forest to hear the nighttime fauna!

Before visitors leave for their walk, personnel will go through the schedule and any security procedures, as well as organize entry. Once inside the cave, visitors will head downwards via stairs and ramps, until the reach the bottom, 60 meters (197 feet) down! The route within the cave is secured so that visitors can truly enjoy all the riches of the cave: crystallizations, small underground rivers, geological curiosities, mineral deposits, fossils, bats, and more.

Walk at your own pace, read the information posted on the walls, and listen to audio commentary from a geologist. Upon your return to the surface, there will be personnel to answer any questions. 

At 10pm, the tour heads out into the forest. Wednesday evening, visitors will take part in an Escape Game in the forest along a 850 meter (half mile) walk.. Personnel will give you information and the necessary documents to take part in this enjoyable event that focuses on night time sounds and who creates them: mammals, birds, insects, or amphibians. Friday evening, there will be a nature guide knowledgeable in astronomy who will walk through the forest with the group. At the end of the walk, take a look at the night sky both with your naked eye and a telescope.


When booking, you will be asked to choose from the following two options:

  • Visit to the cave + nighttime walk in the forest (approx. 2 hours)
  • Visit to the cave + nighttime walk in the forest with a nature guide (approx. 3 hours)


  • Seasonal Activity: July 1st - August 31st
  • Availability: Wednesday and Friday (excluding exceptional dates)
  • Departure time: 8pm and 9pm to visit the cave, and the forest walk starts at 10pm.
  • Departure location: La Grotte à St Vallier de Thiey reception
  • Visitors are encouraged to wear proper footwear (closed toe shoes that grip well) andwarm clothing as the grotto is 14°C (57°F) year around, as well as bring a flashlight to help see the forest. 
  • The excursion is not suitable for people with reduced mobility or who use a wheelchair (numerous steps and narrow passageways)
  • Visitors are advised to bring a baby carrier for very small children.


  • Visit to the Grotte de Baume Obscure
  • Nighttime forest walk (either autonomously or with a guide)


  • Tips (optional)
  • All other extras