Tickets for Berlin’s Hi-Flyer Captive Balloon and Panoramic View

Tickets for Berlin’s Hi-Flyer Captive Balloon and Panoramic View

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Experience a captive balloon ascent over Berlin

The panoramic views

Float 150-meters above ground

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Ascend above the city and admire views of Berlin from the sky aboard the Hi-Flyer captive balloon!

Only steps away from Checkpoint Charlie, climb aboard this helium air balloon, and enjoy a breathtaking view over all of Berlin day or night!

Visible from any point in the city, it's impossible to miss this illuminated world-shaped hot-air balloon, lifting passengers up to 150-meters in the air.

Perched above ground, in the basket of Europe’s largest helium-fueled balloon, take advantage of the views to snap photographs of the entire city and admire the city’s most impressive monuments. 



During booking, you will be asked to select a specific date for your visit. You may however use it on any day that you wish up to a year after your selected date.


  • Availability: Monday to Sunday (excluding exceptional dates)
  • In case of bad weather, the activity will not take place and you will be able to reschedule.
  • Your ticket is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase
  • A steel cable is attached to the balloon for additional security
  • Times vary depending on the time of year: 
    April to September: 10am to 10pm
    October to March: 11am to 6pm


  • Admission to Berlin’s Hi-Flyer captive balloon


  • Hotel pick-up/drop-off
  • All other extras